Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cosmic Storm...

So far, we are going over new rules and ways to play the game. We are going over new potential rules, which are as follows:

- Separation of two phases: building and attacking
- Unique stat bonus for each ship
- 4 ships per player
- 10 turns to build up planets
- 100 cards: 50 attack and 50 defense
- Ship vs ship combat added

The instructions are as follows:


Objective: The objective of the game is too capture all the

planets without loosing all of your space ships. The first player too loose all

their spaceships automatically loses the game.

How to start: Each player starts the game by picking put

their ships that they will use over the course of the game. There are ten

overall ships, each ship has different attacking power and moving bonuses. This

is determined on the bottom of each piece. Players roll the die and whoever rolls

the highest picks first. After a player picks his team of space ships the

player then puts the ship of his choice on the home planet marked on the board.

Moving and attacking: Players roll a die and move their ship

that number of spaces. After a turn is over, a player can draw either an attack

or defense card. Attack cards an be help and used in addition to how much

damage a ship does when attacking a planet. These cards can be held and used at

any point in the game, however, you can only use one attack card at a time and

it must be on the planet you are attacking during that turn. Defense cards must

be placed on a planet that a player owns when drawn they cannot be held. In the first eight moves of the game,

players cannot attack ships or opposing planets in the first 8 rounds of the

game (a round is when each player has a turn.) After 8 rounds players can move

their ships to opposing planets and attack. A player can only attack once per

turn. If a planet is not concurred at the end of the turn a player can choose

to not roll and stay in the planet continuing to attack. If a ship is attacked

and defeated that ship can respawn on any planet that is owned by that player.

Gaining and defending plants.: Each unoccupied planet originally has a

certain amount of life. One a

players ship lands on the planet he may attack it and take it for himself. From that point a player can put

defenses on that planet. Or they can move on to try and attack another


Misfire cards: if you draw a card, either attack or defense

and it says misfire you will loose a turn. Misfire cards are hidden in the

defense and attack card piles so they can be drawn randomly at any time

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Translation

After going through the play testing phase, various errors and suggestions came up. As such, the errors and suggestions are as follows:

- "An endless race to nowhere" because of the ability to reconquer one's conquered planet
- "Going in circles" since, in order to conquer another planet, one may have to move in the opposite direction back to the starting point

- Hexagonal spaces instead of dashes
- Remove the ability to reconquer a conquered planet
- Allow players to hold onto their cards and play them at any convenient moment
- Ship vs Ship combat

To expand on the ship vs ship combat idea, Professor has come up with a rock, paper scissors mechanic with cards, except it has been refined to Mirror Shield, Shield Cracker, and Laser Shot (Mirror Shield>Laser Shot>Shield Cracker>Mirror Shield). When one player wins, that player conquers the planet and destroys the other player's ship. The defeated player then has to take a new ship and place it on any planet that they own. When one player loses all his/her ships, then the player loses the game.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


With all the members back, progress has proceeded to a great pace. Current highlights:

- All necessary pieces ordered, along with base board
- Board design is in its prototype phase
- Card effects are in progress

New links for the board pieces and base board:

24 Vintage Game Pieces

Base Game Board

Game Pawns

Cribbage Peg Pieces

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost In Space...

Day 2 of this group. Unfortunately, we are missing half of our members, so there will not be as much progress on this game. As it is, progress is the same as it is from the last post. Instead of providing development for the game, I decided that it would be beneficial to research other game ideas. So far, the most detailed game found is 2109. The necessary links to play the game are as follows:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Epic Begins...

Today marks the formation of our group for Space Combat.

- Blog created
- Pieces found at the following links:
- Card effects in the works